Water supply

Pure and drinking water

Water is one of the foundations of life on our planet. Pure and drinking water is the world's number 1 food. Safety and quality of the drinking water supply have the highest priority. Accordingly, the materials used in drinking water installations are of particular importance. According to DIN 1988, all system components must be designed in such a way that the food quality of the drinking water is not inadmissibly impaired.

GRITEC is aware of this responsibility and demonstrates this in the planning and use of systems that are suitable and approved for the respective application. The relevant specifications from the DVGW rules and regulations (German Association of the Gas and Water Industry), the KTW guidelines (plastics and drinking water), the DIN / EN standards and the legal framework conditions are reliably complied with. This ensures the necessary safety for you as a planner or user.

Areas of application

In the pure and drinking water sector, the range of products covers almost all areas of application such as:

  • Water extraction (well completion structures, spring catchments, etc.)
  • Water treatment (sedimentation basins, aerators, operating buildings, etc.)
  • Water conveyance (pumping stations, booster stations, lift pumping stations, etc.)
  • Water storage (elevated tanks, fire water tanks, etc.)
  • Water distribution (valve shafts of all kinds, service buildings, etc.)

The prefabricated shaft structures are ready for connection, with complete technical equipment. With our employees or our specialist partners, we can offer the right solution for the task at hand..

The sewage and wastewater area is covered for the following applications by our room cell range:

  • Rainwater retention/overflow basins, relief structures
  • measuring, throttle and valve shaft structures
  • Pumping stations (wet and dry installation)
  • Pumping stations (pneumatic, vacuum)
  • Sewage treatment plants (immersed bed plants, fixed bed plants, secondary clarifiers)
  • Energy dissipators, extraction structures, monk structures
  • Sludge settling tanks
  • Operating buildings

In this market segment we offer ready-to-connect solutions for every requirement. No matter whether underground modules, free-standing buildings above ground or a combination of both - we solve your problems and accompany you from planning to completion.

Sewage and wastewater

Structures in this field of application are characterized by a high degree of individuality and flexibility. Each application is checked with our customer by our experienced staff for feasibility and longevity and optimized by consulting and experience in design. Through this dialogue, the partnership between the customer & GRITEC gains a firm basis for a long cooperation.

Whether simple monk or extraction structures, large multi-part pumping stations or entire sewage treatment plants, GRITEC finds the right and cost-effective solution.


The technical functional design in this product area is largely characterized by the aggressiveness of the medium "wastewater". It must not have any detrimental or even destructive effect on the materials used.

The surfaces in contact with wastewater are permanently protected by the correct choice of exposure classes according to DIN 1045 / EN 206 for concrete. In case of extreme requirements, the protection of the concrete can be ensured by suitable coatings or linings (acid-resistant tiles, stainless steel, polyethylene, etc.).

The pipe fittings and valves used, made of steel, stainless steel, cast materials or plastic, are suitable and approved for the respective function and medium by corresponding manufacturer specifications. Similar to drinking water, connection methods in line with market requirements are used here as well.

The complete system of the functional expansion is coordinated in itself and can be carried out at any time by GRITEC or our reliable partners.

Design and features

The manufacturing process of the GRITEC room cells begins on formwork machines by using the bell casting method. Walls and floor are concreted in one pour without concreting joint using high-strength concrete and reinforcement appropriate to the application by our skilled personnel. After lifting from the formwork machine and turning by 180°, the station is completed.

At the same time, the flat parts (floor slabs, roofs, interior walls, etc.) are produced on formwork and tilting tables and supplied to the finishing department on schedule. The entire production process takes place all year round indoors in our heated production halls. Thus, ideal production conditions are provided - both for the material concrete and for the finishing of the station - and thus, quality is not only written, but lived every day.

Our QM system is constantly checked for compliance and improvement potential by internal process audits and external companies. The product-accompanying control for compliance with the procedures and the specifications is carried out until delivery and represents a high degree of security for our customers.

The main features of our shaft structures for drinking water and sewage technology are demonstrated for our customers in advantages such as:

  • jointless construction and maximum possible prefabrication in the manufacturing plant,
  • comprehensive services based on sound knowledge of the industry from planning to completion of their construction project
  • high economic efficiency
  • fulfilment and observance of the relevant technical regulations and legal requirements.

Our standardised room cells with over 150 floor plan variants include the following design features:

  • Reinforced concrete C 35/45 according to DIN 1045/EN206
  • tested type statics for various installation situations
  • Proof of punching resistance for pipe penetrations (test pressure)
  • Compatibility of all materials used with the medium (DVGW guidelines, BDEW/ATV bulletins, etc.)
  • laid-on ceiling slab with static connection and pressure water-tight joint formation for civil engineering structures
  • cast-in partition walls for division into water chamber/machine room
  • pump sump formation for collection of residual/maintenance water
  • Coatings for interior and exterior at choice
  • floor and wall coverings (clinker, tiles, terrazzo, etc.)
  • PE lining of water chambers for extreme loads
  • Facade design as desired (exposed concrete, matrices, plaster, ETICS, wood, clinker, etc.)
  • Roof design for above-ground room cells (gable, hip, monopitch, flat, special roof) in any design
  • Consideration of emission factors such as sound, odour, fire, toxicology, etc.
  • Compliance with requirements from the object protection (burglary safety, alarm technology, bullet safety, etc.)
  • Lead-through systems for media lines of any kind.

Our experience, paired with committed employees and a nationwide network of companies, give you the certainty that you are in good hands - we are at your side as a reliable partner.


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