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Test engineering certificates

In our in-house thermal testing facility, we can offer tests performed independently by experts or carry them out with reputable external testing institutes:

Arc fault

We perform the planning and execution of arc fault tests according to DIN EN 62271-202 for you.

With far more than 250 station tests in walk-in and non-walk-in stations according to DIN EN 62271-202 with well-known switchgear manufacturers, GRITEC has extensive experience in arc fault tests with air-, solid- or gas-insulated switchgear and measuring fields.

We accompany you in the organization and planning of the entire testing procedure. We take care of the installation and connection of your medium-voltage systems in our technical buildings, organize the transport and provide specialist engineers and installation personnel on site.

  • In addition to the the usual verifications for new constructions or new combinations we also accompany you in considerations regarding the installed basis (retrofit).
  • This also means that existing systems from earlier normative specifications can be upgraded to the latest state-of-the-art with conversion/retrofit kits, if necessary.
  • Here, too, we support you with our know-how from the consideration to the implementation of the tests.


To ensure that your plants do not age faster than normal, compliance with the permissible limit temperatures is of high importance - especially in times when plant utilization is increasing at a high rate. GRITEC, together with renowned scientists, has developed a high level of know-how on this subject of heating over many years.

We use this know-how to constantly develop new optimized solutions for a wide variety of requirements:

  • Proof of compliance with the permissible limit excess temperatures and determination of the enclosure class according to DIN EN 62271-202 (VDE 0671-202:2015-02)
  • Factory-ready Stations for high voltage/low voltage
  • Transformers up to max. 2,500 kVA
  • Verification of compliance with the permissible limit overtemperatures in accordance with DIN EN 61439-1/-2 (DIN VDE 0660-600-1:2012-06) "Design verification"  on low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies
  • Low-voltage distribution boards up to a maximum of 4,000 A.


With a software-supported control system, tests can be programmed with different load curves. Load curves according to customer specifications, such as the load curve of a solar park or an industrial plant, can also be programmed and tested.


For a pictorial representation of possible hotspots, the components and connecting cables used are documented with the thermal camera during all heating tests.


Only tested "factory-ready" type K thermocouples are used to measure temperatures. For reference measurement of critical measuring points additional PT100 are used. We use a block calibrator to check the measuring accuracy of the individual thermocouples and the complete measuring sections. In case of setpoint deviations, these can be calibrated via the control software.



Conducting the verifications for compliance with the EMC limits of your transformer station according to the 26th BImSchV and including the 26th BImSchVVwV. The measurement is carried out according to DIN EN 50413 (VDE 0848) or DIN CLC/TR 62271-208 (VDE 0671-208) and is performed in our own factory.

The magnetic field is measured at full rated line or rated current. If the limit value is exceeded, measures can be taken to reduce the field.


Calculation of the magnetic field of your transformer station with the software Winfield EFC 400 according to the 26th BImSchV and including the 26th BImSchVVwV with consideration of the load flow. The calculation is performed according to DIN EN 50413 (VDE 0848) or DIN CLC/TR 62271-208 (VDE 0671-208).

  • Spatial simulation of the installation of all relevant electrotechnical components (LV distribution, MV system, transformer) in three-dimensional view
  • Simulation of the real cable runs (MV and LV cables)
  • Calculation of the magnetic field under consideration of the load flow and maximum load of the individual components (MV, LV, transformer)
  • 2-D isoline display with up to ten, freely selectable calculation levels (vertical or longitudinal sections)
  • Recommendations for field reduction if limit values are exceeded

Noise protection

Noise. A sensitive topic.

Noise. A sensitive topic that the legislator has strictly regulated in the Federal Immission Control Act - a challenge for highly technical facilities (e.g. transformers, emergency power generators, CHP units, etc.) and ventilation systems. But with the GRITEC noise protection concept, noise will not cause you sleepless nights even in residential areas.

We also provide advice and support here in the context of preliminary planning or project planning, in order to avoid unnecessary follow-up costs in terms of retrofitting or conversion afterwards. In addition to the good properties of concrete, sound-insulating doors and ventilation baffles are an integral part of a technical building. In the same way, the selection of the building geometry and the installation situation on site are also decisive for compliance with the limit values.

We are happy to assist in the preparation of noise control concepts, noise surveys and other applications.

  • Taking into account the frequency spectrum of the emitter, a level reduction on the property boundary below 45 dB(A) is possible without any problems.
  • On request, computational and technical proof of the reduced immissions.

Withstand AC voltages

With our test equipment for withstand AC voltages, we save you the time-consuming on-site testing. We offer you tests according to DIN EN 62271-200 or DIN EN 62272-1 including documentation and test certificate:

  • DC voltages with positive or negative polarity
  • AC voltages with mains frequency


  • Voltage test on electrical equipment according to:
    - IEEE 62.2
    - IEEE 95
  • Cable sheath test according to:
    - IEC 60502 / IEC 60229
    - VDE DIN 0276-620/621 (CENELEC HD 620/621)

Earthing- & lightning protection concepts

If you operate a technical building with a high level of supply security we create earthing concepts according to DIN EN 50522 and lightning protection concepts according to DIN EN 62305.

We pay particular attention to your individual requirements and the given general conditions as well as the interaction of other trades that are included in the overall concept. If required, we can draw on a network of long-standing and qualified partners.

Climate & ventilation concepts

Combined building with forced ventilation system

Depending on the application and the operating and ambient conditions of your technical building, completely different requirements have to be met by the ventilation and air-conditioning concept

Natural convection or forced ventilation

Our specialists recognize your needs and develop the right solution for you - individually, quickly and optimized. Different approaches to solutions are possible.

Ventilation options with AC

  • Split unit
  • Indoor unit
  • Outdoor unit

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