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DB Energie GmbH is one of the leading energy suppliers in Germany. It was founded in 1997 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG.

Deutsche Bahn requires converters at numerous points in its network to supply power to the 16.7 Hz traction current networks from the 50 Hz alternating current network. These mains couplings can be constructed in a particularly economical modular way, according to the feed-in requirements, so that different expansion stages can be designed in a technically and visually uniform way. GRITEC supplies transformer stations in accessible or non-accessible design for DB in order to secure the power supply.

After the production of the required concrete elements, the room cells can be completely equipped with the electrotechnical equipment in the factory. The foundations and the enclosure of the large transformers, which is partly required for noise protection reasons, are prefabricated as far as possible in our plant and finally assembled at the construction site. GRITEC also plans the buildings (in a structural engineering sense), especially the larger objects such as shift stations, substations, converter stations and implements the requirements of the individual specifications for all products.

GRITEC produces, delivers and assembles the buildings for the railroad converter ready for use according to the environmental requirements resulting from electromagnetic compatibility, water protection and noise protection at the respective location.


GRITEC is considered a reliable partner and has already realized a large number of major projects. GRITEC builds modular structures for notification and signalling technology in the field of rail-bound transport systems for renowned customers. The factors of safety, durability and adherence to schedules are of decisive importance.

Excerpt from our product range:

  • Transformer stations
  • TK, GSM-R buildings
  • Point heating stations
  • Train preheating systems
  • Shift stations
  • Transformer troughs
  • Substations
  • Converter stations


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