Electricity supply

Over more than 6 decades GRITEC has developed from a pure producer of concrete modules  and room cells to a renowned manufacturer of factory-finished transformer stations and switchgear houses .

For numerous well-known utility companies, public utilities, industrial companies and companies that feed-in acc. to EEG (german renewable energies regulation) GRITEC has been the partner for decades in the realization of projects in the fields of energy supply and distribution. Due to large purchase quotas from series and individual projects, we negotiate with the electrical industry at eye level.

As a specialized electrotechnical company, we are fully geared to your needs in our core competence area of energy supply and distribution. Thanks to state-of-the-art infrastructure in our plants, fully developed local network, feed-in and switchgear stations as well as factory-ready grid substations according to EN 62271-202 can be manufactured under ideal conditions. The range of applications for GRITEC buildings also includes wind power and photovoltaic installations.

The installation of the components, which is gentle on the equipment, provides an additional plus with regard to the reliability of the systems. This starts with the flexible and professional logistics of the system components, such as the distribution transformers or the switchgear and ends, not least, with the appropriate cable fittings and cable clamps. The electrical installation takes place in our plants in separate areas where the electricians can fully concentrate on the task at hand.

A great deal of attention is paid to transport safety for transformers and switchgear.

The testing and documentation of the systems is just as important. Experienced specialists work here - after all, it's all about your safety.


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