Ventilation grille

Doors and ventilation grilles

Ensuring ventilation, but effectively denying access to snow, rain, insects and unauthorised intruders - GRITEC ventilation grilles solve this demanding task in a particularly intelligent way. For example, by means of storm-proof aluminium blinds, highly effective perforated plates or a range of special solutions for very specific requirements. Poke-proof ventilation prevents condensation and ensures the dissipation of transformer heat loss. The individual elements can be flexibly adapted to the structural conditions and are suitable for installation in both doors and walls.

  • Aluminium ventilators in 50 or 100 mm depth versions
  • Ventilation domes for all-round continuous ventilation
  • Ventilation domes: For ventilation above the roof, for sophisticated ventilation systems or optional, if there is no space in the building itself to install a ventilation in the wall.
Suitable for installation in doors & walls.
Suitable for installation in doors & walls.


  • high free ventilation cross-sections
  • favourable flow resistance coefficients
  • Construction depth 100 mm : ζ = 17.1
  • Construction depth 50 mm : ζ = 26.2


  • Sliding plate for manual regulation of the air flow
  • Fan units (integrable) for forced ventilation
  • Design RC2, RC3 possible
  • Pressure relief type EE / EV 06 of different sizes (only construction depth 100 mm)
  • suitable for door and wall installation

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