For existing concrete buildings

Revize. údržba a opravy

Whether it is replacement, relocation, refurbishment or on-site modernization - aging existing stations require a suitable solution.

GRITEC Services provide support in the assessment of existing facilities and create concepts tailored to your needs, based on current normative and legal framework conditions. We support you from the very beginning...

Návrh a projektové dokumentace

Planning and project engineering

  • Site inspection, assessment, examination of the conditions / building fabric / statics of the existing station on site
  • Conception of the conversion measures
  • Implementation by qualified personnel
  • Calculation of ventilation cross sections
  • Preparation of documentation,
  • working drawings possible
  • Review of accident events such as fire, collision or explosion events


  • Object protection or extension of free ventilation cross-sections through the installation of burglar-resistant door and ventilation elements
  • Renewal and adaptation of the false floor
  • Renewal of warning and information signs or other station accessories
  • station accessories taking into account the current legal and standard situation



Thorough cleaning inside as well as the removal of harmful dirt deposits and plant growth.

Plánované inspekce

Maintenance and servicing

Automatically and at regular intervals, your GRITEC station is maintained and inspected.



We check the feasibility and organise the complete relocation to the new location or temporary storage place.

Sanace a opravy

Renovation / repair inside and outside

  • Repair or renewal of wall and floor surfaces
  • Repair of minor material damage and renewal of surfaces of plaster, facade, plinth
  • repainting, waterproofing, renewal of the roof or roof attic
  • Preparation of new coatings in catchment structures
  • replacement and renewal of custom-made door, ventilation, pressure relief elements
  • Repair, if necessary, replacement of rainwater downpipes and roof inlets
Demontáž a likvidace starých stanic

Dismantling / disposal of old stations

We take over the dismantling up to the professional disposal and partial return into the product life cycle.

Service all around

GRITEC Services also offers repairs and replacement of door and vent systems for all facilities and buildings.

Services that help you get ahead

Keeping your station safe - and fit for the future

With the GRITEC service concept, you can rely on dedicated maintenance, repair and conversion measures that benefit from our many years of experience and innovation in station construction as well as our in-house production of door and ventilation elements.

This way, you obtain the highest possible level of safety for your systems with regard to the protection of persons and property.

  • Own customer service with experienced GRITEC assembly staff
  • GRITEC know-how: Expertise from the manufacturer with over 55 years of experience
  • High availability throughout Germany thanks to four locations throughout Germany
  • Individual advice from a contact person at an on-site appointment
  • Complies with current guidelines and standards
    Reliable / verifiable documentation

Good advice is half the battle

Ask your question.

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