False floors

For the classic application of the room cell with integrated cable cellar, we offer various false floors.

System lalse floors from GRITEC are used in local network, transfer and transformer stations, as well as in switchgear buildings. These floors are particularly flexible and can be adapted exactly to your room and switchgear cabinet layout and comply with DIN VDE 0101. DIN VDE 0101. If required, we can equip your floor with a protection to minimize the effects of an internal fault on the operator of the system. The key lock is located on the false floor profile, the keys are only removable in locked position. The construction is arc fault tested according to DIN EN 62271-202.

The GRITEC system consists of aluminium extruded profiles and/or galvanized steel profiles as well as height-adjustable galvanized steel supports, prepared for the switchgear to be installed. The walkable surface is covered with multi-bonded Finnish Twinn boards or with composite wood panels 40 mm (60 cm x 60 cm). Thereby we take into account your specifications with regard to the surface electrical conductivity and, on request, also certain building material classes according to DIN 4102.

Concrete false floors are used wherever there are clear requirements arising from the use or from the application of certain floor coverings, e.g. in sanitary cells. Concrete false floors are also used for power supply and aggregate stations, if there is a clear and unchangeable, firmly defined room and usage layout. Due to the robust and simple construction, the floors can also be designed for higher loads. The components comply with DIN 1045-2 and are subject to the same high manufacturing standards as the room cell production.

Grating floors and stationary working platforms as a solid surface or transformer chamber entrance round off our product range. Here we orient ourselves entirely on your requirements with regard to the shape, the recesses and any railings or barriers. The components are designed according to the accident prevention regulations. Depending on the area of application, galvanized steel or stainless steel components are used.

Thanks to patented GRITEC aluminium profiles, the stations can easily be equipped with false floors for different brands of control cabinets.

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