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Planned, built and installed

As we all know, we know better afterwards.

But it is much better to know exactly beforehand.

This is exactly what Betonbau stands for. That is our claim, that is how we understand our job as a leading manufacturer of technical buildings for supply technology.

Because experience shows that quality and safety are of particular importance in this area. And that means: meticulous planning and testing in advance - but also during operation. That is why we offer you a comprehensive technical service portfolio in addition to the actual production, delivery and installation.

If you wish, we can also keep an eye on your existing building.

Technické poradenství

Technical services

  • Planning for an optimal result
  • Project planning for ideal preparation
  • Testing, so that you are on the safe side
  • Dispatch & logistics, so that everything runs according to plan
  • Professional and state-of-the-art installation



Whether it is replacement, relocation, refurbishment or on-site modernization - aging existing stations need a suitable solution. Betonbau services provide support in the assessment of existing facilities and create concepts tailored to your needs, based on current normative and legal framework conditions. We support you from the very beginning.

Sanace technických budov

Digital Services

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Trainings for professionals

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